Ethically Gathered Data™

The Future of Data is Ethically Gathered

Declarative. Consensual. Secured.

Effectively understanding consumers, delivering optimized experiences and personalizing marketing requires high-resolution consumer data. However, the rules of data privacy have changed and the power is now in consumers’ hands. Consumers are more aware of their privacy rights than ever, and are walking away from companies who do not prioritize these rights. Today’s digital economy requires that these companies keep up with their consumers while addressing their data privacy concerns.

Introducing Ethically Gathered Data – data that is declarative, consensual, and secured. Ethically Gathered Data not only reflects today’s privacy-first environment, but is also an effective granular yet scalable data source, saving companies tremendous amounts of resources.

So how can you use Ethically Gathered Data to deliver effective, optimized and highly personalized experiences while maintaining data privacy? Just ask your consumers.

Ethically Gathered Data as a powerful data source

Empower your business with data that is declarative, consensual and secure

See how you can empower your team using Ethically Gathered Data

Consumer Understanding
Put your customers at the heart of your decisions with sophisticated research tools built for everyone
Customer Experience
Create, measure and optimize truly exceptional experiences that drive loyalty and growth
Personalized Marketing
Transform Ethically Gathered Data into your fuel for personalized marketing at scale
Leading companies see Ethically Gathered Data as the way forward
Segmanta has really helped us obtain a deep insight of customers’ view on upcoming campaigns, providing us with the necessary data in order to ensure that we will have optimum results! As an official partner of P&G Southeast Europe, Segmanta’s flexibility makes it possible for us to customize our surveys according to our various and demanding needs. Accurate and effort saving!
Aggeliki Stefanopoulou, 47 Purity Street
Segmanta has changed consumer research from a long, arduous process to an easy way we can receive quick and professional feedback enabling better-informed marketing and product decisions.
Marshall Cohen, iHeartRadio
Since adopting Segmanta as our feedback tool, we are able to collect quantitative data that we use to create experiences and services that go above and beyond our client expectations. The insights we gather using Segmanta have been instrumental to our growth over the last couple of years.
Dan Zakai, CEO & Co-Founder, Mindspace
Segmanta has provided us with the ability to test every strategic message, campaign or initiative before launch and optimize existing initiatives based off of feedback from our varying donors. The best part is that we have been able to do all of this optimization without the need to employ external researchers or agencies to assist in the research and decision-making process.
Janet Scardino, CEO of Comic Relief USA

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