Utilizing quantitative data as a key tool in product development and optimization processes

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The Customer

Mindspace, a co-working space for teams of all sizes with locations in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, was founded in 2014 to provide members with a collaborative work environment with benefits and perks to help them grow their businesses. Since Mindspace was founded, the organization has expanded from a single office in Tel Aviv, Israel to 28 locations in 7 different countries and has branched out into internal mobile app and brokers referral platform development.

The Challenge

Mindspace’s business model requires the organization to cater to a wide variety of clients, from an individual freelancer who is renting a desk in Berlin to a branch of a Fortune 500 company renting full floors in the center of Israel. The variety of clients creates a unique challenge for Mindspace – How can the company continue to effectively scale while simultaneously maintaining their brand image and standard of service?

The Solution

Realizing that client feedback would be key to the organization’s success and ability to grow without losing the core values of their organization, Mindspace began using Segmanta to collect semi-annual client feedback enabling discovery of crucial insights.

Mindspace started with a single quarterly survey sent to a single location, but as the organization scaled, so did their feedback needs. Mindspace now sends out a recurring survey to all of their locations around the world, making it easy to break down results based on city, office location, benefits, and client category.

Mindspace uses Segmanta’s analytics dashboard not only to uncover critical feedback within individual locations but also to unearth global trends that facilitate their continued global expansion. The collected data is used to understand in what aspects each location is doing well, what needs urgent improvement, and which requests should be added to the organization’s roadmap, both on a per-location and a global scale.

“Using Segmanta, we can understand what our members value most and identify how to improve our services. Although we operate globally, Segmanta’s insights are localized, enabling us to act upon feedback in real time.”

– Dan Zakai, CEO & Co-Founder

For Mindspace, Segmanta is a global and cross-departmental tool used by their operations, marketing, and community management teams. Using their Enterprise account configuration, Mindspace uses a collaborative process to collect and analyze results and turn the insights into action.

The Benefits

With the ease-of-use of Segmanta’s analytics dashboard and automatic collaboration tools, the entire organization is able to take advantage of real-time data views. Relevant teams are able to take immediate feedback-based action and long-term trends are surfaced to affect long-term strategies.

By analyzing data on a per-location basis, Mindspace uses both positive and negative trends from each location in order to learn from successes and build a universal Mindspace experience of the highest quality.

“The ease of use of Segmanta has allowed us to introduce quantitative data as a key tool in our product development processes and the data we collect has enabled our ability to objectively track the impact of changes we make to our service offering.”

– Gil Boral, Operations Project Manager

As Mindspace continues to grow, the value of client feedback plays an increasing role in the company’s roadmap and service offering. Mindspace has also integrated Segmanta survey data with their CRM software in order to attribute certain survey responses to relevant clients and analyze the effects that operation changes have on particular profiles.

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