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Featured Integrations
Google Analytics
Implement, analyze and optimize custom survey events with Google Analytics.
Facebook Custom Audiences
Bolster your marketing with custom audiences and lookalike seeds created based on survey responses.
Standardize, and sync your survey data with your databases, marketing and SaaS tools to run enrich, personalize and remarket.
Google Tag Manager
Add code snippets to your survey using the Google Tag Manager to track survey analytics, trigger conversions and tag respondents for remarketing.
Facebook Events
Measure and optimize survey campaigns by sending standard and custom events to Facebook.
Google Ads
Understand ad effectivity and optimize campaigns by measuring ads based on survey conversions.
Enable smarter, more informed and personalized marketing by linking survey data back to your Neustar IDMP.
Integrate Segmanta with hundreds of Zapier connected apps to trigger notifications and actions based on survey activity.
Register and enrich new or existing user identities directly within surveys to create seamless, secure and personalized interactions and experiences.
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