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Transform website traffic into actionable consumer insights

Survey your visitors at the right time and place to discover the insights behind their actions
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Make smarter decisions by asking your consumers the right questions
Consumer Insights
Customer Experience (CX)
Enriched Lead Generation
Website Feedback
Progressive Profiling
Data Enrichment
Consumer Insights
Identify consumer sentiments, habits and shifts to better understand your customers and your market
Are you targeting the right consumers?
How accurate are your predictions about consumer needs?
Are your consumers interacting with other brands?
Customer Experience (CX)
Assess how satisfied customers are with your company’s products or services across the customer journey
What actions should you take in order to retain consumers?
How motivated are your customers to make future purchases from your brand?
How is your brand is perceived in the marketplace?
Enriched Lead Generation
Build lead generation forms directly into surveys to exponentially increase the value of your leads
Collect new leads already enriched with vital profiling information and behavioral data
Enable personalized remarketing and communication with your leads
Website Feedback
Get feedback on your website's appearance, functionalities, or design in order to optimize and improve your website's user experience
How satisfied and engaged are users with your website’s content?
How satisfied are users with newly added pages, features or experiences?
Progressive Profiling
Gradually collect consumer information in order to gain a better understanding of your users
Build complete user profiles of your consumers
Collect vital consumer data without overwhelming your customers
Ask the right questions at the right moment
Data Enrichment
Empower your marketing team with aggregated data that can be used to engage your audience with timely, relevant messaging
Anticipate your customer needs by understanding where they are in the sales cycle
Reach out to your customers with the right message at the right time
Surveys that appear native to your website
Customize your survey's look and feel to perfectly match your brand and website
Make your survey fit your site layout
Customize the placement and size of your survey
Ensure that your survey's website display suits your survey experience and website layout by choosing from a variety of placement options including inline, corner and pop-up.
Trigger the right survey at the right moment
Get real, contextually relevant answers by catching your visitors at the precise moment
On Page Arrival
Show the survey immediately after the visitor arrives on a page
Time on Site
Show the survey after the visitor spends a specific amount of time on a page
Exit Intent
Show the survey when a visitor is leaving the page
Show the survey to a certain percentage of visitors
Page URL
Show the survey to a visitor who is currently visiting a specific page
Custom triggers
Show surveys based on custom Javascript calls
Leverage all capabilities of the Segmanta platform
The easiest way to create stunning surveys that deliver
Type-and-click survey builder, drag-and-drop customizations and easy-to-implement survey logic makes building professional, engaging surveys a breeze.
Learn more about Segmanta's Survey Builder Learn more
Get powerful insights in just a few clicks
Whether you’re a researcher, marketer or data-driven professional. Break data down into segments, utilize cross tabulation, customize charts and tables and then share it with your colleague.
Learn more about Segmanta's Survey Analytics Learn more
Boost your insights with powerful, yet simple to set up integrations
Integrate responses directly into your CRM. Activate personalization at scale in real time with direct social integrations and custom audience generation capabilities.
Learn more about Segmanta integrations Learn more
Your data, your control
Segmanta has built-in security features to protect your account and enforce organizational policies. You control how your data is shared with others, including granting or revoking access.
Learn about Segmanta's Data Security Learn more
And there’s a lot more capabilities
Simple tag installation
Code-free deployment
One-click activation/deactivation
Custom html support
Configurable survey dimensions
Custom parameters
Comprehensive media upload
Advanced survey logic
Real-time reporting
Charts, graphs & tables
Automatic insights
Sentiment analysis
Word cloud
XLS download
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