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Effortless data filtering and segmentation
Quickly and visually compare any data variable to uncover trends in your survey data. Segment by demographics, break down your sample into micro groups, relate multiple questions side-by-side, and much more.
Immediate insight discovery enabling immediate action
Get a real-time overview of your survey data with powerful data visualizations for every question type. It's never been easier or faster to monitor, visualize and interpret survey results.
Cut through the noise to focus on data that matters
Lessen the burden of open-ended text analysis using sophisticated tools like word frequency, word cloud and sentiment analysis allowing you to focus on responses that matter, without the need for manual labor.
Build better surveys with team collaboration
Add your design colleagues to finalize a picture-perfect survey theme.
Invite your international team members to help translate your multi-language survey.
Collect feedback from your manager to ensure your survey is meeting all of its objectives.
Manage survey permissions based on role and responsibility.
Let us do the work for you
Automated correlation analysis means you don’t have to work to uncover powerful survey trends. Segmanta’s algorithms highlight significant connections in your survey data for you, without any statistical expertise needed.
View your data just the way you like it
Marketing, research, CX, product, brand - whichever department and background you come from, we let you choose how you view your data. Swap back and forth between visualizations and data tables in a single click.
Stay ahead of the game with time charts & trend tracking
Easily track metrics over time to analyze the impact strategy changes and marketing efforts are having on your brand. Take immediate action based on critical trends that could be impacting your business bottom line.
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