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General, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
Bittersweet Motherhood In Asia - Part I
Mothers, who already shoulder plenty of responsibilities and pressure, have felt the burdens of childcare increase during the pandemic, and their inner thoughts, opinions, and sentiment gathered via declarative data are crucial for babycare brands to understand.
How To, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
Game of Brands: Winning over Digital Asian Moms
No one is 100% prepared for motherhood. Naturally, digital-savvy mothers turn to the internet for help. How brands engage with moms, in terms of content and outreach marketing is the main focus for today’s baby care marketers.
Market Insights | 5 MIN READ
Asian Moms Juggle between Price and Brand
With rapidly growing middle class and influential shopping styles, Asian consumers will soon become the global leading shoppers. From the results, we see shopping behaviors vary by region and by product category.
Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
FamTech is Coming (to Care) for Your Babies
What do the moms mainly get out of using fam tech? Time, to recover from damaged sleep, to get a hold of career and life, to attend to personal needs, to obtain fast also thorough health data of their babies. The Asian famtech market is relatively young and full of opportunities.
Product | 5 MIN READ
Understanding the Difference Between NPS & Likert Scale Questions
Determine the most appropriate question type to apply in order to generate the highest quality of consumer insights.
Market Insights | 3 MIN READ
Meet Gen Z's Foodstagrammers
18% of Generation Z-ers are “foodstagrammers”, sharing what they eat with their social media followers on a frequent or occasional basis. Food brands should pay attention to the unique traits and behaviors of content-generating Gen Z-ers, as they are increasingly influential.

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