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Consumer Understanding | 4 MIN READ
Market Uncertainties Call For Effective Consumer Understanding Solutions
Consumer understanding should no longer be a mystic subject in 2021. Building a slimmer, more focused data structure with declarative consumer insights, reinforcing data privacy can help brands form powerful strategies to overcome the challenges of market uncertainties.
Consumer Understanding | 4 MIN READ
Consumer Understanding Is The Biggest Marketing Challenge in 2021
On one hand, brands are proactively preparing for a post-pandemic world. Consumers, on the other hand, expect brands to listen, understand and act on their data. 2021 is the start of a brand new marketing strategy era. Here are the major challenges facing marketers.
How To, Market Insights | 5 MIN READ
Why & How To Integrate Kindness Into Your Marketing Strategy
In order to succeed in the current economic climate, brands must spend more effort caring for their consumers and improve customers’ emotional loyalty. The most effective way is through declarative consumer data. Here are the three ways brands can infuse kindness into their campaigns, easily and effectively.
General, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
The Mixed Feelings About Fast Food
Fast food restaurants have a notorious reputation for offering unhealthy “junk food”, and offering low-quality services. How to effectively track and measure customer satisfaction has been a crucial strategic focus for QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants), as brands aim to turn around the negative image of the industry.
General, Market Insights | 3 MIN READ
What Is Your Fast Food “Personality”? - Part II
The connection between personalities and tastes will be an ongoing research subject for fast food brands as consumers rapidly shift their mindsets, creating new demands, and setting fresh food trends. Following our previous insights blog post about Gen Z and Millennials’ fast food preferences and eating habits, we will zoom in on the lifestyles and brand preferences of “Picky Eaters”, “Passionate Foodies”, and “Adventurous Eaters”.
General, Market Insights | 3 MIN READ
What’s Your Fast Food “Personality?” - Part I
Ever wondered how your taste may influence your character? We discovered the astonishing connection between “food personalities” (including “adventurous”, “picky”, “emotional”, “passionate”, “mindful”, and “social” eaters) and how they contribute to consumer preferences amongst Gen Z and Millennials when it comes to fast food.

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