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How To, Market Insights | 5 MIN READ
Why & How To Integrate Kindness Into Your Marketing Strategy

In order to succeed in the current economic climate, brands must spend more effort caring for their consumers and improve customers’ emotional loyalty. The most effective way is through declarative consumer data. Here are the three ways brands can infuse kindness into their campaigns, easily and effectively.

General, How To | 5 MIN READ
Truth Be Told: The Era of Declarative Data

To maximize the outcome of marketing personalization, embracing declarative in market research is rather crucial. Through direct communication with the brands, customers can voice their choice, helping brands make better decisions.

How To, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
Game of Brands: Winning over Digital Asian Moms

No one is 100% prepared for motherhood. Naturally, digital-savvy mothers turn to the internet for help. How brands engage with moms, in terms of content and outreach marketing is the main focus for today’s baby care marketers.

How To, Product | 2 MIN READ
Measure Brand Recall Using the List Question

Use Segmanta’s List question to effectively measure brand recall by asking survey respondents to list top-of-mind brands or products.

How To | 3 MIN READ
How Teams Can Gain a Competitive Advantage

Cutting-edge, digital technologies play a critical role in how companies fuel personalization at scale.

How To, Product | 3 MIN READ
Power Your Marketing Using Segmanta’s Integration Manager

Directly action data with a few quick and simple steps, regardless of your technical background.

General, How To, Product | 3 MIN READ
3 ways you can boost your data insights using URL parameters

There are many ways you can personalize your survey, using URL parameters allows you to do so based on known information.

How To, Product | 15 MIN READ
Personalizing your surveys

In today’s consumer-centric world, brands must up the ante through personalization and letting consumers know their voice is heard.

How To, Product | 4 MIN READ
Building an efficient survey

Learn how to avoid respondent fatigue and optimize your survey completion rate

How To | 2 MIN READ
Email subjects that get your questions answered

Quick tips on how to write email subjects that work.

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