There are a number of ways you can measure how well your brand is performing within its industry. One way to do this is through a Brand Awareness survey, which allows you to track and understand awareness of your brand, as well as measure a variety of brand attributes, including:

A key measurement of a brand awareness survey is brand recall, of which there are two types: unaided and aided recall. While aided recall helps jog your consumer’s memory with a bit of prompting aid material such as images or slogans, unaided brand recall reveals consumer awareness of your brand without any visual or textual aid to guide them in a specific direction.

Aided brand recall

Unaided brand recall

Unaided brand recall, in particular, is one of the most valuable ways to measure brand awareness. Using an unaided brand recall question, you can evaluate the following:

A standard example of unaided brand recall question is asking respondents to list the first few soft drink brands that come to mind. As one of the most well-known and global brands of all time, Coca-Cola is most likely to be listed by respondents. Coca-Cola’s exceptional brand marketing has helped it attain its powerful brand perception and top of mind awareness among customers, crushing its competition.

In today’s competitive market, it is critical for companies to ensure that their marketing strategy focuses on attaining a strong brand image, and an important component of that is brand recall. Achieving strong brand recall means your brand has become synonymous with a topic, value or industry, and when it comes time to purchasing a product, consumers will automatically think of your brand. An article in the Journal of Research in Social Sciences further supports this and explains that brand recall and recognition are strong purchase indicators and have a positive correlation with the buyer’s actual purchase, generating a consistent revenue stream. Ultimately, strong brand recall leads to increased brand loyalty and, in turn, results in long-term customers becoming brand ambassadors.

When building a brand awareness survey in Segmanta, we recommend measuring unaided brand recall using a List Question. The List question allows you to evoke top-of-mind awareness in its purest form by having respondents create an ordered list of brands, items or values that come to mind when they think of your product or industry. For example, if you are a soft drink brand, you can use the List question to ask respondents to list the first soft drink brands that come to mind.

The List question can also be used as part of a campaign effectiveness survey which aims to understand if your campaign’s message resonated with your audience. For example, you can use the List question in a pre-campaign survey to evaluate brand recall among consumers. Once the campaign concludes, you can conduct a post-campaign survey using the same List question. Using the List question in pre-and post-campaign effectiveness surveys lets you evaluate the brand recall before and after your campaign, allowing you to assess the brand lift, if any, resulting from your campaign.


When you are ready to analyze the results of your List question, you can easily view a visual snapshot of all items listed by respondents using Segmanta’s word cloud feature, uncovering the most frequently provided answers. You can also analyze answers by order in which they were listed, such as comparing only the first answers given by respondents. Quite simply, the List question allows you to evaluate your brand’s awareness, perception, as well as get a bird’s-eye-view of how your brand ranks amongst the competition.

Unaided brand recall is essential when it comes to understanding how consumers perceive your brand, benchmarking your brand within your industry, and evaluating the strength of your brand’s top-of-mind awareness. You can accomplish all of these goals by adding a List Question, giving you the tools to easily and visually determine how high your brand ranks and assess if your marketing efforts are paying off.