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General, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
The Game-Changing Tech For Pets

In the era of Industry 4.0, with technology fueling new ways of manufacturing, innovative product design, digital marketing, and so forth, the adoption of pet tech is rapidly growing into a new norm. “Pet-Tech” makes its way into more and more pet-owning families, changing the lives of our beloved four-legged friends.

General, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
The Pampered Life of Pets

Although the humanization of pets’ is not a new phenomenon, it is redefining the purchasing habits of pet owners in today’s on-demand, digital, and globalized world. Consumers are willing to spend lots of money to make sure their precious pets get to enjoy a high quality of life just like their human owners.

General, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
Gen Z-ers: Pet Ownership Redefined

To continue our analysis of pet owners by generation, we will now zoom in on Gen Z pet owners and their distinguishing consumer preferences as they are already redefining many industries and brands.

General, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
Generational Pet Ownership Explained

At different points in life, pet ownership can be interpreted differently among consumers. In our study, we explored how age contributes to decision-making and how it shapes consumer habits when it comes to caring for pets.

General, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
Bon Appetit, Dear Pets. – Part II

Continuing from the previous article, Segmanta further analyzes the U.S. pet owners’ purchasing frequency, location, spending, favorite brands, and so forth, providing pet industry marketers with fresh, declarative consumer insights.

General, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
Bon Appetit, Dear Pets. – Part I

To take better care of our four-legged friends and improve their quality of life, we began with the most basic commodity: pet food. In this article, we take a closer look at the daily meals of our beloved dogs and cats.

General, Market Insights | 3 MIN READ
Peace Of Mind In The Age Of Pandemic

When facing a worldwide crisis like COVID-19, awareness of our mental state and sources of distress are more important than ever before. The global pandemic is shaking up our mental health and challenging the emotional balance in our lives.

General | 3 MIN READ
אמהות וקריירה בצל הקורונה

משבר הקורונה השפיע על חיינו בתחומים שונים. אחת ההשפעות הניכרות היא השינוי בשוק התעסוקה והמעבר לעבודה מהבית, מעבר אשר מציב אתגרים חדשים בפני אנשים רבים. כיצד הצליחו אימהות לשלב הורות וקריירה תחת המשבר? קראו כאן את התובנות שעלו מהסקר שערכנו בקרב אמהות בנושא שוק התעסוקה והעבודה מהבית.

General | 3 MIN READ
מגפת ההנחיות – ניהול משבר הקורונה

לאחר הפוגה קצרה, הגל השני של הנגיף, אשר רבים חזו את הגעתו, הגיע והבהיר לנו כי נגיף הקורונה והמשבר שבא בעקבותיו עודם כאן. מה בדיוק מרגישות אימהות ישראליות כלפי התנהלות הממשלה בזמן המשבר בניגוד למדינות אחרות? האם חשו כי קיבלו מספיק תמיכה ותמרוץ כלכלי כדי לצלוח את המשבר? האם הן סומכות על ממשלתן?

General, Market Insights | 2 MIN READ
Bring Your Kids To Work Day, Everyday

The COVID-19 pandemic allows us to spend more family time, but parents, especially those who have to work full-time, struggle to balance their efforts between childcare and work. With kids always around, how are parents adapting to the new routines?

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