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General, Product | 4 MIN READ
A look back at Segmanta’s 2019

It’s been a transformative year at Segmanta, with tons of new feature releases and added integrations. Here are a few of our 2019 highlights.

General, Market Insights | 5 MIN READ
Extreme Tastebuds Make Extreme Snackers

We found fascinating insights among snackers who love extremely sweet, salty, and sour snack brands, specifically Lay’s, Skittles, and Sour Patch Kids, the brands that infuse extreme tastes into their snacks.

General, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
Gen Z digs Hershey’s “Innovative Snacking Powerhouse”

Immersed the plant-based, clean-eating trends of today, how can traditional chocolate brands like Hershey’s “sweet-talk” Gen Z consumers into buying their products?

General, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
Which Brands Can Win Over Gen Z Wallets?

Gen Z’s financial mindfulness is apparent in their snacking habits, where conventional meals are being replaced with more affordable and convenient snack alternatives. We examined who among Gen Z is most price sensitive, and how they snack differently from non-price conscious Gen Z-ers.

General, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
Emotional Gen Z Snackers Are Eating Their <3 Out

Over a third (36%) of Generation Z-ers say that negative emotions like sadness and anxiety cause them to snack. We examined the demographics, attitudes and behaviors of these emotional snackers, and found them to have highly distinct traits from non-emotional snackers, highlighting the high diversity among Generation Z-ers as a whole.

General, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
Oreo Wins Big Among Gen Z-ers

Oreo is the cookie brand most preferred by Generation Z snackers, according to our recent study of Gen Z consumers in the U.S. In this article, we analyze the demographics and snacking habits of those Gen Z consumers who prefer Oreos.

General, How To, Product | 3 MIN READ
3 ways you can boost your data insights using URL parameters

There are many ways you can personalize your survey, using URL parameters allows you to do so based on known information.

General, Product | 4 MIN READ
2018: A year in review

The year 2018 is in the books, but before we look ahead to 2019, here’s a look back at some of the most exciting updates we’ve made this year.

General, Market Insights | 4 MIN READ
Most brands are still not getting why women really wear makeup

Millennials, born between 1981-2000, are highly coveted customers by traditional consumer

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