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Product | 5 MIN READ
Understanding the Difference Between NPS & Likert Scale Questions

Determine the most appropriate question type to apply in order to generate the highest quality of consumer insights.

General, Product | 4 MIN READ
A look back at Segmanta’s 2019

It’s been a transformative year at Segmanta, with tons of new feature releases and added integrations. Here are a few of our 2019 highlights.

How To, Product | 2 MIN READ
Measure Brand Recall Using the List Question

Use Segmanta’s List question to effectively measure brand recall by asking survey respondents to list top-of-mind brands or products.

Product | 2 MIN READ
Analytics 2.0 – faster, more powerful and loads more features

After listening to valuable feedback from users like you, we rebuilt our analytics dashboard from the ground up.

How To, Product | 3 MIN READ
Power Your Marketing Using Segmanta’s Integration Manager

Directly action data with a few quick and simple steps, regardless of your technical background.

General, How To, Product | 3 MIN READ
3 ways you can boost your data insights using URL parameters

There are many ways you can personalize your survey, using URL parameters allows you to do so based on known information.

General, Product | 4 MIN READ
2018: A year in review

The year 2018 is in the books, but before we look ahead to 2019, here’s a look back at some of the most exciting updates we’ve made this year.

How To, Product | 15 MIN READ
Personalizing your surveys

In today’s consumer-centric world, brands must up the ante through personalization and letting consumers know their voice is heard.

How To, Product | 4 MIN READ
Building an efficient survey

Learn how to avoid respondent fatigue and optimize your survey completion rate

Market Insights, Product | 7 MIN READ
State Of Millennial Consumers

Millennials are a lot more complex than many CPG’s might think.

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