3Machine learning algorithms custom tailor search results on Google, videos on youtube, and news feeds of all kinds to the specific personality traits of every individual user.

None of this is news to you because personalization has become standardModern users have adapted to this new reality: they expect to be presented with content relevant to them.

Why is this relevant to your survey?

Unmet expectations lie in the heart of every failed relationship. In order to avoid disappointing respondents and see them drop out, you too must up the ante by personalizing your survey and letting them know their voice is heard.

How can you get there?

Implement logic to build personalized survey flows

Logic rules are powerful if-then statements, working behind the scenes to lead respondents to different branches of the survey, based on answers they provided. Add ‘show’, ‘skip’ and ‘go to’ logic rules to present respondents with questions relevant to them.

Show only relevant answer choices

To do so, use Carry Forward, a dynamic filter removing irrelevant answer choices from follow-up questions. This feature literally carries forward the appropriate answers to follow-up questions:

Thanks to this little trick, your survey can feel like an intelligent conversation partner, paying attention to its fellow converser. After all, who doesn’t like getting noticed?

Insert the respondent’s answers into follow-up questions

Similarly to Carry Forward, Piping also carries responses to follow-up questions; Unlike Carry FWD, Piping allows you to integrate responses into the question body itself (rather than the answer choices). This is how it looks:

Though subtle, Piping further promotes the sense that the survey is for and about the respondents’ favorite person – them.

Combine the above-mentioned self-adjusting and you got a truly personalized survey.  

Combine all the elements we have covered in this series and you have got yourself an awesome survey.