The Integration Manager is a one stop shop where you can set up and manage direct data integrations between your surveys and leading platforms such as Google Analytics and Facebook. This tool is instrumental in maximizing the value of your survey data by automating actionable integrations that drive growth.

To our non-technical folks – don’t fret! The integration manager requires zero technical background. Any user can independently set up these direct integrations without any developer resources or external assistance required, enabling the ability to directly action survey data with a few quick and simple steps.

If you haven’t already done so, here are 3 reasons why you should be integrating your survey data:


1. Personalization at scale

Integrations such as Facebook Custom Audience Generator and Neustar integration allow users to send labeled question responses to these systems to easily create custom audiences and lookalike seeds based on survey responses.

Armed with this data, you can optimize ad campaigns to seamlessly implement personalization at scale by:

Using these integrations, users can act on the data collected to drive growth by connecting with customers on a more personalized level.


2. Integrate with the tools you know & love

The Google Analytics and Facebook integrations allow users to send data about specific events occurring within their survey directly to either one or both analytical tools.

In a matter of seconds, you can select any survey event or multiple events as triggers to instruct Segmanta to automatically send data to the selected application as soon as the respondent triggers the survey event.

Track the survey events Google Analytics or Facebook dashboard to track the survey events as they populate in real time. As the data populates, users can begin analyzing how respondents interact with their Segmanta survey at every touchpoint throughout the respondent’s survey journey.


3. Data centralization leads to interpretable & actionable data

The centralization of data in a single location aligns your entire company and ensures collaboration and consistency all in one place. For example, you can merge data from multiple sources while incorporating additional data collected by Google or Facebook in a single, centralized system.

Connecting your survey data with data from other platforms allows you to uncover valuable and strategic insights in order to optimize your next marketing campaigns. Whether it’s building lookalike audiences on Facebook based on survey data or analyzing your survey’s traffic sources in Google Analytics, integrations can unlock your survey’s power to change your marketing by making connections across your data.

Improve your marketing strategy and drive results

In a few simple clicks, any person, regardless of their industry background, can enhance their marketing based on Segmanta’s survey data and cultivate the value of the data through automated, immediate and actionable integrations that drive growth. Implement powerful and advanced integrations to develop and optimize marketing campaigns, personalize at scale, analyze survey data based on specific events and uncover actionable insights to drive your marketing.

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We release new integrations often. Don’t see an integration you are looking for? Reach out to us!