We’ve reached December, which means that the end of the year (and decade, depending on who you ask!) is here. What better time than to reflect on what a transformative year it’s been at Segmanta, with tons of new feature releases and added integrations. Here are a few of our 2019 highlights:

1. Analytics 2.0

Rebuilding our breakthrough analytics dashboard from the ground up was the most impactful product update we undertook in 2019. While the original analytics dashboard was loved by our users, a new dashboard was needed to provide the most powerful experience possible in surfacing survey insights. We rebuilt the infrastructure to be dramatically faster and redesigned the dashboard’s interface to be more intuitive while simultaneously packing in more features and capabilities than before.

For more details, check out our blog post summary of Analytics 2.0.

2. Integration Manager

Making your survey data actionable has never been easier, thanks to the Integration Manager tool we released this year. The Integration Manager is a code-free, hassle-free interface that lets users integrate their survey data with the external platform of their choice, including Facebook, Google Analytics, Segment, and many others. Users can autonomously send Segmanta data to their marketing stack, enhance campaign tracking, enable personalization at scale, and centralize data collection.

Learn more about the Integration Manager in our feature release announcement.

3. Survey insights from the Segmanta team

It’s clear that in order to succeed in today’s fast paced world, businesses need to continuously understand their ever-changing consumers. That’s why we leveraged our own platform and tools to uncover the values, opinions and behaviors of consumer segments we feel are critical for companies to understand. In 2019, we conducted a survey of over 2,500 Generation Z consumers in the U.S., asking them wide-ranging questions about their snacking attitudes and habits. Out of the hundreds of insights we uncovered on our analytics platform, we summarized 10 of the most compelling ones here.

You can find more in depth insights from Gen Z snackers on our blog, where we’ve been publishing new articles each week on the most significant and fascinating segments within Generation Z snackers.

4. List question

This year we added the List question, a streamlined question type enabling users to measure brand recall and brand perception among respondents. The List question consists of an ordered list containing blank fields, which respondents fill out to indicate top-of-mind awareness of a specific industry, brand or product. Along with the new word cloud feature included in the release of Analytics 2.0, results of the List question generates a visual snapshot of the most frequently mentioned words, enabling you to easily measure brand recall and recognition.

5. Email embed

By popular request, we added the ability to embed certain survey questions into the content of an email, allowing you to capture feedback from respondents directly from their inbox. Multiple choice, NPS, rating and opinion scale questions can be easily embedded into the body of your emails with a simple copy-paste action. By streamlining surveys sent via email, you’ll be able to instantaneously engage your respondents, leading to a likely boost in response rates.

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for next year. Thanks for segmenting with us and see you in 2020!