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The Customer

iHeartRadio is an all-in-one streaming radio and digital music service with over 100 million registered users. iHeartRadio is the digital streaming service of iHeartMedia, a leading global media and entertainment company specializing in radio, digital, outdoor, mobile, social, live events, and on-demand entertainment.

The Challenge

With a userbase of over 100 million listeners, iHeartRadio was interested in capitalizing on the value of VoC (Voice of Customer) and its ability to impact their product, brand messaging, and ad campaigns in order to optimize their user acquisition strategy and the product experience for existing users. After piloting a variety of products and research study tools and methodologies, iHeartRadio struggled to find a single tool that could centralize insights drawn from user feedback while also sharing this data across multiple departments.

The Solution

Segmanta’s DIY capabilities enabled multiple departments across the iHeartRadio organization to maximize the value of user feedback.

“As we continued exploring feedback solutions, Segmanta stood out because of its dynamic capabilities and ease-of-use, from survey creation to data analysis.”

Today, iHeartRadio utilizes Segmanta to draw critical insights from feedback gathered from registered users. iHeartRadio uses Segmanta to perform attitude and usage studies, monthly tracking surveys and concept testing new features, claims, audio messages and promotions.

The Benefits

Following the initial pilot phase, iHeartRadio’s corporate research team has now adopted Segmanta as its official research tool. Since partnering with Segmanta, the research team experienced a significant increase in survey engagement and feedback collection which they credit to their ability to easily create highly visual surveys that are closely aligned with their brand. iHeartRadio’s digital and product teams are now able to use insights uncovered from Segmanta concept testing surveys to optimize anything from product features to promotions and ad campaigns based off of real user feedback. By adopting Segmanta as a cross-departmental survey tool, iHeartRadio has transformed their decision-making capabilities by equipping teams with simple-to-use, yet powerful tools used to autonomously collect and analyze user feedback.

“We wanted to interact and collect feedback from our users in a beautiful and easy to implement way. Segmanta is the perfect platform, and we have used many of the other survey tool companies in the past.”

Segmanta’s quick, real-time analytics dashboard populates results in a straightforward, visual way of simplifying the analysis process for research teams and making it possible for other teams to autonomously understand trends without requiring a researcher’s involvement.

Thanks to real-time and easy-to-understand results, iHeartRadio often performs “overnight” surveys, the results of which await the team in the morning, enabling the collected survey insights to be incorporated directly into the day’s work.

“Now that we know what we can do with Segmanta and how quickly it can be done, team members can be heard saying, ‘let’s do a quick survey on that’ much more often and this data is incorporated directly into iHeartRadio’s workflow.”

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