Numerous hacking scandals, new regulations, and recent app features rolled out by the social media giants have made user privacy a very hot topic for the past few years.

When we asked 1,020 Millennials the drawbacks of social media, we found that only a third (30.8%) said that they had privacy concerns over how their personal data was being used. Given all that has been in the news, we were a little surprised that this number wasn’t higher, and decided to do some more digging.

Segmanta Analytics

When we segmented Millennials ages 22+ by education level, we found that Millennials with a bachelor’s degree or above were twice as likely to cite privacy concerns as an issue versus Millennials who have a high school diploma or below. In fact, 40% of Millennials with a high school education or below answered that social media has had no negative impact on their lives.

As more technologies that collect highly sensitive data such as augmented reality apps are being developed to increase revenue streams, privacy regulators are trying hard to keep up. How will differing segments of consumers evolve their views on privacy as more of their personal data is collected? Time will tell.

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