So you’ve built a beautiful survey, it’s designed perfectly matches your brand, you’ve set up strategic survey logic to get your respondents answering only the questions relevant to them and now, you’re ready to send it out. You create the draft of your email campaign and now you are asked to fill out the Email Subject This could be your make or break moment.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a magic potion that gets your emails opened and some of the biggest factors affecting your email open rate are predefined even before you created the first draft of the survey (more on that below) but, we have some practice in sending out email surveys, and based on our experience we will provide you with our tips, tricks and best practices to get the highest open rates possible.

What are the factors that affect your open rate before you have even drafted the email?

  1. The freshness and quality of your email list – if your email list is old, your open rate will likely be low, and you might even get a lot of returned emails
  2. The industry you are in  – the hard truth: certain industries are just more engaging than others. The business your in could be full of engaged customers ready to provide feedback or more of the quiet type.
  3. The rate of brand/customer interactions – are you commonly interacting with your email list and consumers? Are you giving them more than you are asking from them? Do you engage them often with quality content?
  4. Brand/customer relationship and loyalty – is your email list filled with loyal customers? Have you built a quality, “open” relationship between your brand and your customers?

Now that we understand a bit more about what could affect the open rate “behind the scenes”. Let’s dig into email subjects…

Writing email subjects that work:

  • Ask a question
    • What can we do to improve?
    • What do you think?
    • How was our service?
  • Keep it short & to the point
    • Help us, help you
  • Be specific or even personalized
    • John, how was your service experience?
  • Add personality (when relevant or on brand)